OUR MISSION is to provide you with the information you need to heal yourself. Nobody else can heal you - not your doctor, dentist, chiropractor, nutritionist, herbalist, or any other kind of therapist. You can heal yourself.  With the help of the Divine and anybody else who wants to help you, you can heal yourself. That's the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

IMPROVING YOUR NUTRITION & HEALTH HELPS and it's your best offensive weapon against disease.  We suggest before you plan your own health and nutrition program, you investigate what the experts have to say about this subject.  The Consensus Report on Nutrition and Health is a compilation of the recommendations of 329 independent nutritionists successful in helping people gain control of their own health.  We recommend this report to you.  Use it to create your own plan for nutrition and health.

Consensus Report on Nutrition and Health

HEALING YOURSELF is the only option because nobody can heal you except you.  We suggest you make healing yourself a primary objective in your life. Why? Because according to the World Health Organization of 218 countries the United States population ranks as follows in quality of heath:



Ages 0 - 5

Rank # 11

Ages 6 - 14

Rank # 37

Ages 15 - 24
Rank # 78
Ages 25- 39
Rank # 94
Ages 40 - 59
Rank # 113
Ages 60 - 79
Rank # 126
Ages 80 - up
Rank # 136

This is absolutely appalling when you consider the United States ranks the highest in the number of medical doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes, ambulances and flights for life per 1000 people in the world. As American fast foods, genetically altered food crops, chemicals and pharmaceuticals become more prevalent in any society the quality of health in that society declines. The European Union has done extensive research on this issue because of the increase in health issues in Europe. As a result the Europeans banned several American fast foods, genetically altered food crops, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The health of Europeans has been improving since the implementation of these laws.

The message is very clear: American fast foods, genetically altered food crops, chemicals and pharmaceuticals adversely affect the health of consumers. Fast food producers, bio-engineering companies that genetically alter food crops, and the chemical and pharmaceutical companies all know these facts. They not only know these things to be true, they continue to manufacture and distribute their toxic cocktails while reporting hugh profits and advertising their poison as healthy.

The message is very clear: American health care is not working. In spite of the fact we have and use more doctors, facilities and medicines per person than any other country in the world, the health of Americans continues to decline. Americans consume more drugs per person than any other country in the world. Yet two-thirds of the world's population over age forty enjoys better health than Americans. It must be the foods, chemicals and drugs we consume are having ill effect on our health. If you want to learn more about improving your health, read our special report on "Healing Yourself."

Healing Yourself

SPIRITUAL HEALING is the only kind of healing there really is.  Everything else supports spiritual healing.  We recommend you obtain the services of a Licensed Spiritual Healer, or become your own spiritual healer and heal yourself.  If you'd like to help other people heal themselves, then become a Licensed Spiritual Healer yourself.  Discover more about spiritual healing by reading our special report "Spiritual Healing Works."

Spiritual Healing Works

PRAYER HELPS and there is ample scientific evidence to prove it.  The most effective types of prayer include Contemplative Prayer, Meditation and Intentional Prayer.  We've researched several different approaches and we recommend you find one that works for you. Learn more about how you can use meditation , contemplation and prayer to improve your health by reading our special report "Prayer Works."

Prayer Works

ENERGY HEALING HELPS and you can learn how to access this energy for yourself or you can hire the services of an energy worker. There are many different kinds of energy healing techniques. Try the ones that appeal to you and find one or more techniques that work wonders for you. Miracles do happen and energy healing makes miracles happen. For more information, read our special report "Energy Healing Works."

Energy Healing Works

ATTENTION HEALERS!  If you're an Acupressurist, Aromatherapist, Biofeedback Therapist, Energy Healer, Essene Healer, Health, Herbalist, Homeopath, Hypnotist, Naturopath, Neurotherapy, Nutritioni, Quantum biofeedback, Reflexologist, Reiki, Wellness or other alternative health care provider, you owe it to yourself to check out two things right away. In fact it's imperative you do so before the current laws put you out of business.

Codex Alimentarius

How to Become a Licensed Spiritual Healer



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